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A Division of Rarick Financial Group
We Make It Easy
A Division of Rarick Financial Group
Why Rarick Travel Tax?

Industry-Specific Knowledge
We have the know-how to deal with all of your special deduction opportunities - travel expenses, tax home issues, tax free meal per diem, housing allowance, multiple non-resident state returns, and all of the other travel issues that leave other preparers with a blank stare. Our expertise allows us to complete returns for all income tax states (including us territories), whether resident or non-resident.

Distance Tax Preparation
We bring tax preparation to you. Our entire company is designed and organized to prepare taxes for healthcare travelers we may never meet face-to-face. As a traveler, you more than likely move several times during the year and don't know where you will be at tax time. How do you find someone you can trust to do your taxes? Well, your worries are over. No matter where you are, or where you've been we will be there to assist you.

Our Approach
For the most part other preparers neglect to take full advantage of the deductions available to most travelers; opting instead to take the simpler approach of letting the traveler pay tax on their full income. In addition to this simple approach, most preparers shy away from out-of -state returns, sticking to the familiarity and lower cost of home state only returns. Healthcare Travelers have expressed their need for a different approach to servicing their tax needs. Our approach is to provide you with tax services that fulfill a need for flexibility, continuity, understanding, personalization, and best of all to limit the tax you pay on your income.
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